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Scratch Holograms | Holographic Scratch-Off Labels

Scratch Holograms
Holographic Scratch-off labels with "VALID" pattern
Holographic Scratch-Off Labels
Holographic Scratch-off labels with "Rainbow" effect
Hologram Scratch Labels
Customized Holographic
Scratch-off label

Scratch-off holograms can be used instead of traditional grey latex scratch-off panels on telephone top-up cards, discount coupons, etc. Whereas the current grey scratch-off panel and the equipment needed to apply it are rapidly becoming commodities, production of the Alpha holographic scratch-off labels requires a great deal of investment in advanced technologies and a level of know-how which is not easily gained.

Special film preparation and laminating techniques to layer a holographic visual barrier over pre-paid card 'PIN' numbers prevent the scratching, PIN theft and re-coating of cards. It scratches off cleanly and easily and its high opacity means there is no danger of the underlying data being destroyed. The end result maximizes branding opportunities for the client and provides a highly visual means of differentiation in this highly competitive market.

Our scratch holograms and holographic scratch-off label has a black lacquer and security cut. So, neither anybody can see the information beneath the label nor anybody can remove the label intact from the surface.