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Latest Features
Mirror Feature

Thin mirror which allows viewer to see their own image in real time in standard lighting condition.

Origination is the most critical component of a security marking. The objective is to generate a security design which is visually appealing as well as have a high recall in the intended user's mind. At the same time it should be difficult for the counterfeiters to make look-alike or copy the security marking. At Alpha our maximum efforts goes into designing new origination features.

Please do visit this page, as we are continuously upgrading this with the new origination features.

Security Features
2 Dimensional Image 2 Dimensional/3 Dimensional Image
3 Dimensional Image True color Image
Kinematic Animated Image Flip/Flop - Switching Image
Kinetic Pattern Lines Shrinking and Expanding effect
Gradient Effect Animated Covert Laser REadable (CLR) Image
Secret Code / Hidden Image Concealed Image
Micro / Nano text
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